Welcome to Vision Sport

Vision Sport is a grassroots sports company that focuses on the development of children through sport. At vision sports we believe that children do not only learn through their brains but also through their bodies and it’s movements. This is an important part of the process and growth in children.

Our initial registration fee is R300 (once off) plus it includes a vision sport shirt. Thereafter, it’s a monthly fee of R150 which is due at the end of each month.


We are SAFA D licensed.

This teaches kids the unique techniques of bowling, fielding and batting.

This sport develops childrens ball control, balance and kicking techniques.

Teaches kids how to do tennis strokes, maintain a good grip and perform successful serves.

Perfect for developing balance. Kids will learn manoeuvring and stopping techniques.

Skills learnt here are passing, pivoting and the best practice for shooting & defending.

Children will be taught ball control by serving & passing. Plus attack & defense tactics. 

Kids will gain knowledge on the different stances for defense, how to dribble, pass and shoot.

When doing yoga poses for kids in a fun environment. It grows their mind & body connection. 

These activities improve motor skills, hand-eye coordination and timing ability for all kids.


Our sport sessions are offered during school hours on the school premises. Lessons are not refunded due to bad weather, the child being absent or due to school public holidays. We offer Vision Sports to children ages, 3- 10 years and Vision Sports academy to ages 10-18. We also offer private lessons. The lessons are 30 minutes long. One lessons a week. 4 lessons a month.

Using these sports we can help your child in ways of throwing, hitting and catching a ball. Through these ball skills we can help your child’s ability by utilising the various forms of sports, thereby improving their concentration, strength, fitness, agility and awareness. We believe in providing children with high quality fun – enriched with our professional coaching lessons. Fill in the form below and we will get in touch with you!